Vintage Matters

Letters A – I

Our reclaimed letters & letter lights, salvaged from shop fronts and pubs, are sourced from all over the globe.

Start your own collection now, or give as a personal gift to someone.

Collect different font styles, finishes and colours to make a real statement in a room!

large vintage metal letter A

neon letter initial b light

Reclaimed Mercedes Benz Letter C

Vintage Reclaimed Pink Metal Letter C

Vintage Blue Metal Letter C

neon letter C light

Reclaimed Grey Metal Letter C

vintage reclaimed gold letter D

Reclaimed resin black letter D

Reclaimed Purple Resin Letter D

Vintage Distressed Gold Letter D

Reclaimed Distressed Metal Letter D

Reclaimed White Resin Letter D

Reclaimed Gold Wooden Letter DReclaimed Gold Wooden Letter D

Reclaimed White Resin Letter D

vintage brass letter D

neon letter D light

Vintage Illuminated Letter Light E

Vintage Blue Metal Letter E

Reclaimed Halo Letter Light E

Reclaimed White Resin Letter E

Vintage Gold Letter E

vintage gold letter E

Vintage Gold Resin E

vintage distressed gold gilt letter E

Reclaimed Grey Metal Letter E

Reclaimed White Resin Letter E

Reclaimed Purple Resin Letter E

Vintage Illuminated Letter Light F

neon letter f

giant vintage letter F red metal

neon letter G light

vintage resin letter H

Reclaimed Halo Letter Light HReclaimed Halo Letter Light H

Reclaimed resin black letter H

Reclaimed White Resin Letter H

Reclaimed TGI Fridays Letter Light I

vintage black resin letter I initial

vintage wooden letter I

vintage stainless steel letter I

Reclaimed Halo Letter Light I

neon letter I light

large vintage metal letter I



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