Versatile Storage

A Versatile Storage Solution!

Hello and a warm welcome to the new people who have recently joined our mailing list over the holidays.

Thank you to everyone who visited our pop up event back at West Elm in December – it is always good to meet new people and see our regular customers again.

It’s that time of year when we think about decluttering and organising our homes, so we thought we would share with you, our versatile, vintage wooden bakers rack, which can be used in practically any room in the house!

Cost: £280 including free delivery within the UK mainland


Vintage Wooden Bakers Rack Versatile Storage Solution Bathroom

We have shown it here as a practical storage solution for the bathroom, as it has six shelves, so is ideal for holding a number of towels and toiletries, along with a few decorative pieces.

Vintage Wooden Bakers Rack Versatile Storage Solution Kitchen

This characterful bakers rack would also look at home in either a contemporary or traditional kitchen, for the storage of crockery, glassware and kitchen towels, or even vegetables.

Vintage Wooden Bakers Rack Versatile Storage Solution Bedroom

Here we show the rack used in a bedroom, showing the versatility of the piece, with lots of room for the storage of t-shirts, jeans and trousers, sweaters and space underneath for shoes.

It would work well for a lady too, for storing clothes, belts and bags – or use it just for the huge number of shoes you own!

The rack would also make an interesting display piece in a retail store, or in a cafe or restaurant for storage.

You really do not see many of these out in the markets and good, authentic ones like this are unfortunately getting harder to find.

So good luck, if you are decluttering in January!