12 Inch Vintage Glass Globe

12 Inch Vintage Glass Globe

This 12 inch vintage glass globe, circa 1949, was made by Replogle Globes Inc., who were based in Chicago, USA.

It was designed and edited by the cartographer, Gustav Brueckmann and originally would have been illuminated, but it is now sold simply as a decorative piece.

The globe features a time dial at the North Pole; the International Date Line and air distances, shown in miles. Ceylon (not yet Sri Lanka) and Indo-China are also shown.

It features a brass plated half Meridian above a brass coloured, pressed steel round base.

Part of the Replogle Library series, this globe is in good condition for its age, though does bear some staines, marks and scuffs.

This is a really interesting piece, sure to start a conversation!

Dimensions:  34 cms w x 30.5 cms d x 42 cms h

Globe: 12 ” / 30.5 cms diameter




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