Curved Wooden Bench Coffee Table

Curved Wooden Bench Coffee Table

We thought this curved wooden bench was an interesting piece, which could also be used as a coffee table.

It was originally from a skating rink at Streatham, London, called Silver Blades Ice Rink, which was an art deco building that opened originally in 1931. It was also a music venue, hosting popular bands of the time, especially in the 1960’s.

Whilst doing some research on the bench, we came across a charming video to watch of the skating rink in its heyday in 1963. Click here to watch!

We even found a video with similar benches in, with Suggs from Madness doing a report on “Disappearing London”, where the ice rink is featured.

The bench has an art deco feel to it, with a heavy duty, black metal base and a veneered plywood top.

It is in good condition, though there are marks and signs of wear, consistent with its age and use.

There are 2 identical pieces available.

Dimensions: 170 cms w x 40 cms d x 43 cms h



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