Dark Green Vintage Industrial Machinists Stools

Dark Green Vintage Industrial Machinists Stools

These vintage industrial machinists stools, which are adjustable, were once used in a factory in Holland in the 1950’s.

The characterful metal dark green frames are original, but the wooden seats and backs have been replaced.

These are ideal stools for a cafe, bar or restaurant, or would work well in a home environment, that has an industrial feel.

You can see that these stools have seen many years work, with distressing and paint chips to the frames, which just adds to their character.

Note: the cost is for one stool – we have 2 dark green and 4 light green stools, which look great when mixed together (see image below)!

Dimensions: 37 cms w x 48 d x 40-42 cms h (they can adjust higher, but we recommend keeping them at this height).



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