Giant Vintage Wall Map of Eastern Europe

Giant Vintage Wall Map of Eastern Europe

Made in Germany in 1993, this original geographical, giant vintage wall map of Eastern Europe, is over 2 metres high and printed on high quality paper and then backed with canvas.

This authentic classroom wall map, originally used in a German school, is from the publishing house of Justus Perthes and features major cities, oceans, lakes and rivers, mountains and forests, making an amazingly colourful visual image.

Big and bold, this statement piece is a great way to fill an empty wall space and is sure to become a talking point in any room or office.

It has black wooden poles at the top and bottom, which helps it to hang straight and rolls up easily for storage. There is a cord attached to the pole for hanging.

This vintage wall map of Eastern Europe, has spent most of its life rolled up in a school cupboard, so is in very good condition, apart from one small 4 cms tear, across the letter E, in OSTEUROPA.

Dimensions: 214 cms w x 215 cms h




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