Large Green Vintage Bagatelle Board

Large Green Vintage Bagatelle Board

This traditional, large green vintage bagatelle board was made by Abbey Sports Company, based in London in 1930!

It bears a metal plaque stating “Corinthian 21S Silenta Model, Patent 358713/1930”.

Bagatelle is a game related to billiards, with the object of the game being to get balls into the metal cups, scoring the corresponding points.

Our wooden board is an authentic vintage piece, so does bear marks consistent with its age and use, with two small tears to the green surface, one pin missing and it no longer has the wooden cue or balls.

This would make a great piece of wall art, especially if placed alongside other vintage bagatelle boards, as we saw recently in a cool cafe in Shoreditch!

Dimensions: 39 cms w x 7.5 cms d x 77 cms h



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