Large Vintage Brass Pressure Gauge

Large Vintage Brass Pressure Gauge

This large vintage brass pressure gauge would have originally been used in an industrial factory, to measure one pound-force applied to an area of one square inch.

The gauge is marked from 0 to 80, with a big bold font and the dial bears the name of the manufacturer, “Budenberg, Broadheath, Manchester”.

Budenberg have been making quality pressure gauges since 1850 and supply throughout the world.

This is an authentic vintage brass pressure gauge, with a nice aged patina, but does bear marks consistent with its age and use.

Collect different sizes and finishes of pressure gauges and mount them on a wall in a bathroom, or office to create a visual impact. Five or seven work best!

Dimensions: 34.5 cms w x 6 cms d x 34.5 cms h



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