Rare Vintage Turquoise Soda Syphon

Rare Vintage Turquoise Soda Syphon

This is a rare vintage turquoise soda syphon with a pewter top, with etched wording on the front of the bottle, which reads – “O.D. Murphy & Sons Ltd, Wellington, Salop. Natural Spring Water”.

Soda syphons were originally introduced in the 1920’s where whiskey-based cocktails soon became a favourite among young Londoners and carbonated drinks became more and more popular.

The ribbed glass syphon is in very good condition for its age and is complete with its original glass inner tube.

This is a decorative piece only and bears minor marks and blemishes. Ideal for as a display piece in a bar or restaurant, or among your collection of spirits at home.

Dimensions: 10 cms dia x 32 cms h




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