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Reclaimed Halo Letter Light I

Reclaimed Halo Letter Light I

Our reclaimed halo letter light I, in a lower case font, has been salvaged from a store front. It has an opaque light grey acrylic front, with white acrylic sides, where the soft light shines through, which is why it is known as a halo light.

It has been stripped of its old, damaged neon bulbs and reconditioned with LED lights and a UK 3-pin plug.

This letter would make a great personal gift for someone, or start collecting your own initials.

They work well when collecting different sizes, fonts and textures, that are then grouped together, to make an interesting feature in a room or on a wall, which is a sure to be a conversation starter!

Ideal for a cafe, restaurant or retail store too.

This letter light is in excellent condition, though it has been exposed to the elements and bears some minor marks consistent with its age and use.

Dimensions: 15 cms w x 10 cms d x 65 cms h


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