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Vintage Arflite Suitcase

Vintage Arflite Suitcase

This small, hard cased vintage Arflite suitcase was made in the USA and bears a brass tag on the front panel stating its name.

It has a sewn leather trim around the sides, a leather handle and a fabric lined interior with pockets.

This would be ideal for storage of accessories, like belts or summer/winter clothes when not in use.

These pieces of luggage work well when stacked on top of each other at the end of a bed, or alternatively, to create a unique bedside table.

This well-travelled vintage Arflite suitcase bears marks, scuffs and scratches, which are consistent with its age and use, with stains and some tears to the interior lining.

Dimensions: 46 cms w x 40 cms d x 16 cms h


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