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Vintage Oshkosh Suitcase

Vintage Oshkosh Suitcase

This small, hard cased vintage Oshkosh suitcase was made in the USA and bears a brass tag on the front panel stating its name.

It has a black leather trim with contrasting white stitching around the sides, a black leather handle and a burgundy coloured fabric lined interior with pockets. There is a sew in label inside, stating “Oshkosh Luggage THERE IS NONE FINER”.

The Oshkosh Trunk Company was founded in 1902, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, originally making quality wardrobe trunks. In 1927, the company began making smaller pieces of travel luggage, until 1961, when the factory closed.

This would be ideal for storage of accessories, like belts or summer/winter clothes when not in use, or as craft box to hold needlework, sewing and knitting supplies.

These pieces of luggage work well when stacked on top of each other at the end of a bed, or alternatively, to create a unique bedside table.

Circa 1950, this well-travelled vintage Oshkosh suitcase bears marks, scuffs and scratches, which are consistent with its age and use.

Dimensions: 53.5 cms w x 36 cms d x 18 cms h


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