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Vintage Silver Plate Hotel Cutlery

Vintage Silver Plate Hotel Cutlery

We have sourced a number of pieces of vintage silver plate hotel cutlery from hotels, restaurants, cafes and estates throughout the UK. These are genuine pieces and a perfect example of the quality and craftsmanship that exemplified the British silver industry.

The patterns are mostly based on eighteenth century English “Parish” patterns and some pieces have a simple design, whilst others are more decorative. Some pieces may have a single initial, a monogram, a heraldic crest or even the name of the hotel, restaurant or cafe.

We have mixed the patterns together to give you a mixed set of three pieces of cutlery, meaning each set is unique!

Please note that as this vintage hotel silver cutlery or flatware, the sizes may vary from set to set.

These pieces can be used in the dishwasher, so long as they are kept away from stainless steel pieces. Hand washing is recommended to help preserve the silver plate.

Approx dimensions:

Dinner Knife: 24 cms
Dinner Fork: 20 cms
Dessert Spoon: 18 cms


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