Vintage Stoneware Flagon

Vintage Stoneware Flagon

This decorative vintage stoneware flagon with a screw cap, bears the words “Professor Travis & Co., South Wales Herbal Brewery, Swansea” and states, “This jar must be returned as soon as empty, and to buy, sell or make use of it is illegal” !!

Traditional stoneware like this has an oatmeal coloured body and a honey colour glazed top, which is often embossed with interesting graphics.

These vintage stoneware pieces look best when grouped together in different sizes and shapes and bearing different graphics. Three or five pieces work best!

Ideal in a kitchen, or as a prop in a pub, cafe or restaurant, looking for an authentic rustic look.

This is an old piece and is in good condition, but does bear marks consistent with its age and use.

Dimensions: 14 cms diameter x 28 cms h


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