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When we are out in the markets, we are always on the hunt for unusual, beautiful and most importantly, useful pieces of vintage furniture to bring an environment to life for our customers.

We source for retailers, offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes as well as individuals and find that more and more people are looking for that “special piece” of furniture, to add personality to a space.

Vintage Black Painted Chest of Drawers

Vintage Black Chest of Drawer

Recently we sold this amazing vintage school shoe rack (below) to a hotel in Germany. They told us they had been trying to source something like this for months for their lobby and this was just perfect.

vintage wooden shoe storage rack,

It’s so satisfying sourcing and supplying for companies and people when you can find them that perfect piece. It is often really difficult for people to know exactly what they want until they see it, and that’s how Vintage Matters can help. We are regularly sent photographs of spaces or rooms and asked to find furniture or props to work in the space.

Our vintage leather club armchairs that we source from France are hugely popular, as they add such character to a space and are amazingly comfortable. We supply   Le Labo Fragrances with these chairs, for their retail stores in the UK and Europe.

Vintage Moustache Leather Club Armchair


We are always on the lookout for those special pieces for our retail customers too, like this old vintage wooden workbench below, which is an ideal piece for displaying product on.

Researching the provenance of a vintage piece is always fun and interesting. We found that this workbench was used by a company called Frederick Pollard, who were established in 1911 in Leicester and were the makers of high speed drills.

Vintage Wooden Workbench

Old bakers racks, factory shoe racks or fruit drying racks, like the one below, are really versatile pieces of furniture and can be used in so many rooms within a house. They provide a great deal of storage space and are also ideal in a retail environment providing a great display piece for visual merchandising. We think they look pretty cool too!

Vintage Fruit Drying Rack

We are excited to be working on a large commercial project, sourcing numerous pieces of industrial and mid century furniture pieces for a huge reception space, opening this Summer in Shoreditch, London. We can’t say who it is right now, but we think you will know them!

We have found some pretty cool pieces, which we are being reupholstered, so they comply with all UK fire regulations.

Mid Century Danish Sofa

Our vintage beer table and bench sets are now back in stock! These are authentic pieces, originally used at various beer festivals in Germany and are perfect for al fresco dining or outdoor entertaining, this Summer.

The orange painted pine table is heavy duty and sturdy, with two wooden benches with folding green steel legs. It has a very simple but effective design, that has stood the test of time, that makes each piece quickly and easily fold flat for storage.

Vintage Beer Table & Bench Set

We have to mention our vintage school chairs on this blog, as people really connect with them, reminding them of old school days! These authentic chairs were hugely popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s, not only in schools, but in hospitals, community centres and church halls, as they took up much less space when stacked.

These vintage stacking school chairs are ideal for the home, a cafe or restaurant, or office, wanting a vintage look and with lots of different styles and coloured frames to choose from.

Vintage Stacking School Chair

So, if you are looking for a special, unique piece of vintage furniture for your home or business, please email [email protected] with a description, approximate dimensions and your budget and we will happily source for you and send you photos when we are out in the markets.

We look forward to hearing from you!