Our latest project for Topshop & Netflix

Now this is an interesting one!

We were approached by Your Studio, based in Shoreditch, to create a visual and sensory experience through props for Topshop & Topman, who had teamed up with Netflix, to bring Stranger Things 2 to life, in a fusion of fashion, culture and entertainment!

The hit retro sci-fi show follows a group of kids in small town America in the 1980’s, as they encounter dark forces….

We were tasked with sourcing 3 sets of identical vintage props and furniture, for 3 Topshop sites in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

Your Studio had designed a corridor of 18 American style college lockers, with graphics placed at the end, announcing the arrival of the new season of Stranger Things.

Inside many of the lockers, were references to the show and the characters, including a shrine to Barb, Nancy’s locker filled with old school books and love letters, a locker full of furbies (!),  The Clash, blaring out “Shall I Stay Or Shall I Go” and another locker with a loud crashing noise, coming from within the locker, giving a sense that something is trying to escape!

What fun we had with that!

Netflix Stranger Things

We sourced the steel lockers to get that American college feel and got busy finding the various props.

We had vintage furbies flying in from all over the land, baseballs bats, fairy lights, and old school books to name just a few!

Vintage Furbies Netflix Stranger Things

Nancy’s locker, with old school books, a baseball bat and love letters from boyfriend, Steve…

Here’s the shrine to Barb, complete with candles, flowers and a garland…

We also made an underworld portal, looking as though it was bursting out of a locker…

Netflix Stranger Things

This event runs at Topshop until 31st October, so pop in store and have a look at their exclusive, limited edition collection of retro inspired t-shirts and sweatshirts.

For fans of Stranger Things, the second season starts today, Friday 27th  October on Netflix and music streaming service, Spotify has has added a spooky Upside Down filter to its web player and desktop app that will make you even more desperate for the new episodes to drop!

If you have an upcoming project that requires vintage furniture and accessories, or need props for an event,  then please email [email protected]

We also work with interior design companies, sourcing furniture, accessories and props for offices, retailers, cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Thank you!

Our vintage furniture project for Amazon!

Here is a glimpse into the new Amazon headquarters, which is based at Principal Place in Shoreditch, London, which is now open for business!

Taking all 15 stories and 600,000 square feet of the building, to accomodate the workforce of over 5000 people, Amazon said in a press release that it “celebrates the industrial heritage and rich culture of Shoreditch”.

Here is the vast reception area with a modern industrial look, featuring massive exposed steel joists.

The space is well lit with dozens of naked light bulbs and steel domed lamp shades over the meeting areas off to each side, where we supplied the vintage furniture pieces.

Amazon Reception Area

What a buzz we got from seeing all the pieces we supplied, finally in situ!

Amazon Reception Area

Here, our vintage stacking school chairs are placed around a very large industrial table with a reclaimed timber top, injecting some colour into the reception area.

Vintage Stacking School Chairs Amazon

The stunning vintage industrial table with a heavy cast iron base, provides ample space as a work station for visitors, with high stools.

Large Vintage Industrial Table

Below, are some of the casual meeting areas within the large reception space, with Mid Century lounge chairs and coffee tables that we sourced.

Mid Century Furniture in Amazons Reception Area

Mid Century Furniture in Amazons Reception Area

Mid Century Furniture in Amazons Reception Area

If you have an upcoming project for a commercial space that requires vintage furniture and accessories, where we can help add personality and character, then please email [email protected]

Mid Century Lounge Chair

We also work with interior design companies, sourcing furniture and props for offices, retailers, cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Thank you!

Vintage Industrial


Industrial style is here to stay, whether it be at home, in a cafe or restaurant, hotel or bar, or office space!

When vintage industrial pieces are added, it immediately brings personality and character to an environment, as these are usually unique, one-off statement pieces, that are sure to be a conversation starter.

Wood, metal and concrete are the three key materials, that will help give a space an industrial feel.

The wood can be old, painted and distressed like this pair of vintage windows that have been repurposed with mirrors:

Vintage 8 Pane Window Mirror

Or this amazing old Fruit Drying Rack, sourced from France, which would provide ample storage space in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, or look really cool in a cafe or restaurant.

Vintage Fruit Drying Rack

A combination of wood and metal work well together, like this old factory cart which has a reclaimed timber top and is perfect as an industrial style coffee table.

Vintage Industrial Factory Trolley Cart Table

Or these vintage locker room benches, from a school in Yorkshire, which would be ideal in an entryway, or warehouse home.

Vintage Industrial Locker Room Bench

Our hero piece at the moment is this huge 3.4 metre vintage industrial table, with a hand made reclaimed timber top.

Ok, so you would definitely need a very large space for this piece, but what a statement it makes!

The cast iron pedestals were once used as bases for corn grinders made by Henry Bamford & Sons, who were established in 1885 and became one of the UK’s leading suppliers of agricultural and farming machinery.

This would be ideal in a retail environment for displaying merchandise, or as a communal table in a cafe or restaurant.

We personally love the industrial style found at many restaurants, like Tramshed and Beagle in London.

3.4 metre vintage industrial table

Vintage Industrial Table

This piece is currently being used at a pop up event at Circus West Village at Battersea Power Station, by Warehouse Home, an essential resource for anyone with a love of industrial and warehouse living.

This is in conjunction with London Design Festival, which celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world, running at various venues throughout the city from 16-24 September.

Lighting is key in an industrial environment, whether it be wall lights, pendants or table/desk lamps.

This vintage Jielde Lamp is a design classic! It was originally designed in France in the 1950’s as a work lamp and is now an iconic French industrial piece.

Vintage Green Jielde Desk Lamp

We couldn’t resist this great looking vintage industrial pendant, where steel and brass have been cleverly used together.

Vintage Industrial Pendant

Finally, we found this old vintage bottle drying rack on a trip to Provence and thought what an amazing hat/coat rack it would make for a restaurant, or at a home or workplace with an an industrial feel.

Vintage French Bottle Drying Wall Rack

We are out in the markets all the time, so if you are looking for a special, unique piece for your home or workplace, or for an interiors project you may be working on, then please contact [email protected]

Thank you!

Our Vintage Furniture Project With Amazon!

Our current project is working with Amazon, to supply vintage furniture for their their new corporate office, opening in Shoreditch in East London, this month.

How excited are we?!

We have been working closely with an interior design studio, who “lead in the strategy and design of built environments, transforming organization culture and enhancing people’s lives”.

Vintage Matters were given the brief to source industrial and Mid Century furniture, including tables, chairs, sofas and lounge seating for their large reception area.

Vintage Industrial Stacking School Chairs

Our popular vintage stacking school chairs, made of plywood and tubular metal frames, were ideal seating for a very large industrial table, adding charm and colour to the reception area.

Vintage Industrial High Table

We spent a lot of time out in the markets and found this old industrial table base, made of cast iron, that was once used in a Belgian brewery to hold beer barrels. Now with a reclaimed timber top, it is perfect as a work station, with some high stools.

Vintage Mid Century Lounge Chairs

We had a lot of fun sourcing some cool and unusual Mid Century pieces, like these lounge chairs above and below.

Vintage Mid Century Lounge Chairs

All the lounge chairs and sofas have needed re-upholstering, to comply with fire regs for a commercial space, so were focussing mainly on finding great looking profiles of the various pieces, to help create an eclectic mix.

Vintage Mid Century Sofa

We can’t wait to show you the pieces in situ, which is happening very soon!

If you have an upcoming project for a commercial space that requires vintage furniture and accessories, where we can help add personality and character to a space, then please email [email protected]

Thank you!

Vintage Matters Commercial Furniture Project London


We hope you are having a good Summer!

Over the past few months, we have been busy working with a London based furniture consultancy, who provide innovative solutions to offices, universities, restaurants and private residences.

Their client, Havas – an award-winning, global advertising and PR company, were moving to a new HQ, called HKX (Havas Kings Cross) and Vintage Matters were given the brief to supply vintage furniture for their new cafe, restaurant and reception area.

Vintage, Matters, Commercial, Project, Business, Interiors, Havas,

We worked closely with the design team, getting a good understanding of their needs and requirements for the various pieces of furniture, as well as timing and budget and then 3 weeks later presented our ideas on what was available out in the vintage markets.

We proposed visuals showing various styles of tables and chairs for the cafe and restaurant, along with guideline pricing and finally agreed on the overall look and aesthetic, the various spaces should have.

Vintage, Matters, Commercial, Project, Business, Interiors, Havas,

Off we went into the markets, sourcing vintage oak and mahogany tripod tables and bentwood cafe chairs. Good, well constructed chairs like these are hard to find these days, as they are in high demand for their vintage look and durability, especially the classic bentwood chairs, designed by Thonet.

Thonet was the pioneer of  having light, strong wood bent into curved, graceful shapes, by forming the wood in hot steam.  He produced his “Nr1” chair in 1850 and a year later won a bronze medal at the Great Exhibition in London!

We eventually sourced 58 vintage cafe chairs.

Vintage, Matters, Commercial, Project, Business, Interiors, Havas,

An important piece of furniture we had to source, was a very large statement table for the Havas reception area and we found this amazing 3.5 metre limed oak table.

Circa 1880, this table was originally used in the kitchen of a stately home in Bedfordshire and now takes pride of place in the new Havas reception at HKX!

Vintage, Matters, Commercial, Project, Business, Interiors, Havas,

If you have an upcoming project for a commercial space that requires vintage furniture and accessories, where we can help add personality and charm, then please email [email protected]

We are currently working on a very exciting commercial project for a large online retailer  😉

….watch this space!

Thank you.

Vintage Furniture London Online


When we are out in the markets, we are always on the hunt for unusual, beautiful and most importantly, useful pieces of vintage furniture to bring an environment to life for our customers.

We source for retailers, offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes as well as individuals and find that more and more people are looking for that “special piece” of furniture, to add personality to a space.

Vintage Black Painted Chest of Drawers

Vintage Black Chest of Drawer

Recently we sold this amazing vintage school shoe rack (below) to a hotel in Germany. They told us they had been trying to source something like this for months for their lobby and this was just perfect.

vintage wooden shoe storage rack,

It’s so satisfying sourcing and supplying for companies and people when you can find them that perfect piece. It is often really difficult for people to know exactly what they want until they see it, and that’s how Vintage Matters can help. We are regularly sent photographs of spaces or rooms and asked to find furniture or props to work in the space.

Our vintage leather club armchairs that we source from France are hugely popular, as they add such character to a space and are amazingly comfortable. We supply   Le Labo Fragrances with these chairs, for their retail stores in the UK and Europe.

Vintage Moustache Leather Club Armchair


We are always on the lookout for those special pieces for our retail customers too, like this old vintage wooden workbench below, which is an ideal piece for displaying product on.

Researching the provenance of a vintage piece is always fun and interesting. We found that this workbench was used by a company called Frederick Pollard, who were established in 1911 in Leicester and were the makers of high speed drills.

Vintage Wooden Workbench

Old bakers racks, factory shoe racks or fruit drying racks, like the one below, are really versatile pieces of furniture and can be used in so many rooms within a house. They provide a great deal of storage space and are also ideal in a retail environment providing a great display piece for visual merchandising. We think they look pretty cool too!

Vintage Fruit Drying Rack

We are excited to be working on a large commercial project, sourcing numerous pieces of industrial and mid century furniture pieces for a huge reception space, opening this Summer in Shoreditch, London. We can’t say who it is right now, but we think you will know them!

We have found some pretty cool pieces, which we are being reupholstered, so they comply with all UK fire regulations.

Mid Century Danish Sofa

Our vintage beer table and bench sets are now back in stock! These are authentic pieces, originally used at various beer festivals in Germany and are perfect for al fresco dining or outdoor entertaining, this Summer.

The orange painted pine table is heavy duty and sturdy, with two wooden benches with folding green steel legs. It has a very simple but effective design, that has stood the test of time, that makes each piece quickly and easily fold flat for storage.

Vintage Beer Table & Bench Set

We have to mention our vintage school chairs on this blog, as people really connect with them, reminding them of old school days! These authentic chairs were hugely popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s, not only in schools, but in hospitals, community centres and church halls, as they took up much less space when stacked.

These vintage stacking school chairs are ideal for the home, a cafe or restaurant, or office, wanting a vintage look and with lots of different styles and coloured frames to choose from.

Vintage Stacking School Chair

So, if you are looking for a special, unique piece of vintage furniture for your home or business, please email [email protected] with a description, approximate dimensions and your budget and we will happily source for you and send you photos when we are out in the markets.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Reclaimed Letters | Competition | London | Vintage Matters


As I am sure you all aware we have a thing for letters!

We personally, have been collecting vintage, reclaimed and salvaged letters ourselves for years and then we started reconditioning them to sell at Vintage Matters. As I’m sure you can imagine our collection just keeps growing, as we can’t resist a bit of beautiful or unusual type.

We source our letters globally, which gives us a fantastic variety – from illuminated to non-illuminated and in a variety of materials, from metal to wood to resin.

Like so many of our products we wonder what life they had previously and how they were used – most are reclaimed from shop fronts, pubs, railways and demolished buildings.

We love to know the provenance of our letters – some you instantly recognise like the red T.G.I Friday ones above and some stunning Mercedes Benz letters that have just come in.

Sometimes we just hit a blank though, like we did when we found a number of blue and yellow letters at a market – then in a light bulb moment, realised they were from Blockbuster Video stores!

We still have some of these letters available at www.vintagematters.co.uk/letters/

Mostly we have our letters for purely decorative purposes, lovingly scattered around our home, but they can also be used for branding or signage in bars, cafes, pubs, retail stores, offices etc., both inside and out, to make a real statement.

The image below shows a mix of vintage letters and letter lights that we sprayed red, for a commercial project, showing the company’s name in their reception area.

Some of our favourite reclaimed letters we stock are these amazing large illuminated ones that we get from the US – everything just seems bigger and bolder from there!

When they arrive though,  they certainly need some serious tender love and care. Most of them would have been exterior signage, so have been out in the elements for most of their lives, which gives them great character and also means they need some work before we can get them online.

When they arrive with us, the first job is taking them apart and giving them a good clean. Even though we are aware they have been used outside, we are still amazed by the amount of dirt and tumble weed that has collected inside – maybe they were formally lighting up the strip in Vegas?!

When we open the channel letters for cleaning, we strip out all the old glass neon tubes and wiring, which is not a particularly fun job, but very necessary.

In order to return them to their former glory and for them to be electrically safe, we recondition them with new LED’s and a UK 3-pin plug.

This has taken a certain amount of practice to get the lighting correct and also takes a fair amount of patience, fixing the LED’s around all the serifs and bends that our letters tend to have. Once we have wired them up and checked we have a good even glow, they are ready for photography, though sometimes we have to cut new light omitting acrylic fronts, if they have too many marks or cracks and replace any trims that are too worn.

It’s always a fine balance with vintage pieces, just how many character marks we allow before replacing or cleaning it up. We one have one simple rule or question that we ask ourselves –  would we be happy buying that piece and having it in our house? If the answer is “yes”, then it is good to photograph and get online to find a new home.

Our letters look fantastic hung on a wall or on a book shelf and make for an amazing personal gift for someone, or start collecting your initials.

We have a huge amount of reclaimed and salvaged letters that are coming online so keep a look out, or contact [email protected] if you are looking for a specific letter.

This week sees the start of a competition, in collaboration with our friends at Warehouse Home, where you can win  one of our salvaged letters*, simply by logging on to Twitter, retweeting the competition and following both @mywarehousehome and @vintagematters for a chance to win a letter of your choice that we have online.

You can also follow us on Instagram as @vintagemattersuk or our new feed, which is for fans of fonts and typography, where we have branded ourselves @thelettermenuk !

Good luck in the competition!

* the competition is to win one of our salvaged letters from a shop front or pub and does not include our letter lights