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3.4 Metre Vintage Industrial Table

3.4 Metre Vintage Industrial Table

We found this great looking 3.4 metre vintage industrial table at a market recently and could not resist it!

The heavy duty, cast iron pedestal bases where once used as bases for corn grinders and rollers made by Henry Bamford & Sons, who were established in 1885 and became one of the UK’s leading suppliers of agricultural and farming machinery.

This table comes with a hand-built reclaimed timber top, which has been painted a light grey colour to compliment the colour of the bases, which has then had a wax finish.

The bases, originally painted Pagoda Blue, have a lovely distressed patina and are embossed with the manufacturers name and their location in Uttoxeter.

Ideal for a large warehouse home, or as a statement table in a workspace with an industrial feel. Also, this would work equally well in a large retail environment as a table for visual merchandise, or as a large communal table in a cafe or restaurant.

Dimensions: 345 cms w x 88 cms d x 80 cms h



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