Our home in 25 Beautiful Homes

Early in the new year we were contacted by a freelance journalist and photographer partnership who were potentially interested in doing a photo shoot of our home, if it was “nice”, of course!  So we sent a few amateur photos, which excited them sufficiently to want come and do a shoot, which they then offered to various interiors magazines.

When they told us 25 Beautiful Homes had picked up the feature for their May edition, we were both relieved (“thank God it’s not just us and family & friends that like our taste!”) as well as excited/proud.

Unfortunately we didn’t make the front cover….

Our home is an evolving showcase of what we have coming into the business and going through the business. It’s a constantly changing home, which is a blessing and a bit of a curse, at times! We’ll go out sourcing with a new collection in mind, then end up having a new medicine cabinet for our bathroom that we want to keep, one week, or a travel themed take over the next!

At the time of the photo shoot, we had Collection G (fireside) about to launch, as well as all our utilitarian and bar collections around, hence why you see a lot of the stock that we are selling in the photos!

Unfortunately the magazine decided the whole article seemed like a story about Vintage Matters rather than our home and they edited out the fact that a large majority of the pieces in the photos were,  in fact , available for sale from Vintage Matters,  such as the antlers, bar cart, soda syphons, green bottles, mirrors, suitcases, and bakers rack etc., etc.

We were more than happy to see our home published in 25 Beautiful Homes!

If you are interested in our home or products, please get in touch and we will also keep you up to date with any events we are doing.

Our next pop up event is at Spitalfields Market, London on Thursday 28th April.


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