It’s all about COLLECTIONS!

At Vintage Matters we love to create collections, so thought we would share some of our collections with you! Fingers crossed we get your creative juices flowing to start curating yourselves.

Here are some ideas we pulled together, with Father’s Day in mind next month, as great gifts and something a little bit original and unusual.

Remember the golden rule, when collecting or VM’ing (Visual Merchandising) –odd numbers of items work the best– 3 is most definitely the magic number, however 5 pieces work really well too.

We can’t resist an industrial collection of vintage pulleys – cool to just have “casually” lying around the place, on a landing or stairway.


These beautiful vintage toothpaste pot lids, look great in a bathroom.


This collection of vintage wooden levels with brass would work really well displayed in an office. We love the detail in the brass, with the manufacturers name and “Made in England” stamp.


This is a lovely collection of old enamel watch faces, found at a flea market in Paris – perfect for the bedroom!


This is a colourful collection of vintage bagatelle boards, from the 1950’s and 1960’s when playing games in pubs was the thing to do. These would look fantastic mounted on a wall in a living room, or office. They even have the ball bearings still, if you fancy a game?!


And of course, the most personal of collections – letters! Collect your initials in all sorts of shapes, colors and materials to build a larger collection, which will become a real talking point in your home or give as a gift to someone, so they can start their own collection.

We would love to see what you collect! Tweet us at Vintage Matters so we can see what collections are going on all around us.

Happy collecting!


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