Maltby Street

Saturday Brunch = Maltby Street, Bermondsey

There is nothing we like to do more on a sunny Saturday morning than to stroll over to Maltby Street Market, have a mooch around Lassco’s architectural reclaim store and then treat ourselves with some delightful taste sensations. And of course, a light refreshment!

We had a good look around Lassco’s and like the new changes they have made in the store. Saw these vintage letters and lovely, old circus style Bagatelle board. Funny seeing this old Highbury Stadium Football sign, seeing as Arsenal are playing in the semi final today. Good luck The Gunners!

How amazing are these huge, old doors in one of the railway arches, leading to Bar Tozino, London’s first and only Jamon Bodega?! Definitely worth a stop!

We decided on the hot salt beef, pastrami and cheese sandwich from Monty’s Deli, which was delicious, though a bit mean on the coleslaw!

We can’t pass buy these scotch eggs for a little snack later. Lots of options, but we went for the Black Pudding Scotch Egg! Mmmmm, can’t wait!

To top it all off, a spot of Saturday afternoon gin tasting at Jensen’s.

It’s definitely worth checking out Maltby Street Market on a Saturday morning!

Now, where’s that scotch egg?! Bye for now!


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Out and About

We love Sundays, don’t you?

Getting up early and discovering the delights at Columbia Road Flower Market is a favourite of ours. We discovered a few weeks back the amazing black pudding and egg rolls – a perfect start to the day, with a good coffee!

This place is buzzing, so get down here early to avoid the crowds!

Apart from the flower sellers, there are over 60 independent stores around, selling kitchenalia, vintage, gifts, jewellery and furniture, as well as many street food vendors, pubs and cafes.

Our favourite is B. Southgate in The Courtyard off Ezra Street, who always has an interesting mix of antique and vintage furniture and accessories. We just want to spend our money there every time!

We picked up a load more box trees for our garden and a couple of olive trees, so we were more than happy, the only issue is getting them home on the bus!

Away from the crowds, we did find a quiet spot and were able to have a great pint of Guinness, to help with that bus journey home.

Just as we were leaving, we came across the lovely Sugar Sisters singing their hearts out in 3 part harmony, looking stylish in matching outfits and matching lippie! Check them out at

We love Sundays!

Until next time……


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