Vintage Industrial Green Metal Rack

Vintage Industrial Green Metal Rack

This vintage industrial green metal rack, was originally used in a shoe factory in The Netherlands, but today can be repurposed as a useful storage rack.

Shown in the images, it would be ideal in a kitchen space, which has an industrial feel, where it could be loaded with all manner of kitchen pieces.

It could also work in a home office, for storage of papers, files etc., or in a bedroom, to store clothes on.

There are eight shelves in all, including the top, which have a slight backwards slope to them.

The gap between the shelves, from the bottom shelf up, measure 15 cms / 11.5 cms / 17 cms / 11.5 cms / 17 cms / 11.5 cms / 17 cms

This is a well worn piece and the paint has been distressed over years of use, as seen in the images. We have given the piece a light oiling to prevent any rusting.

Dimensions: 110 cms w x 35.5 cms d x 129.5 cms h


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