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Vintage Spring Balance Scale

Vintage Spring Balance Scale

In good working order, this vintage spring balance scale was made by the renowned Salter Company, based in West Bromwich, who for many years were the UK’s top brand for domestic weighing scales.

The scales feature a removable metal weighing pan and a heavy cast iron base. The enamel dial is in excellent condition and bears the marking:  SALTER Improved Family Scale No. 50  14 lb by 1 oz, along with the Salter registered trademark, showing a Staffordshire knot pierced by an arrow.

This characterful set of scales would look great on display in a cafe or restaurant, or equally, a talking point in a kitchen at home.

This is an authentic vintage scale that has been used for many years and is in good condition, though it does bears marks consistent with its age and use.

Dimensions: 24.5 cms w x 24.5 cms d x 31.5 cms h


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