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This month saw the launch of a beautiful new book, called Urban Flowers, by Carolyn Dunster and we were delighted to see that one of our products was featured on the front cover!

urban flowers book

We met Carolyn at one of our pop up events at West Elm and she was impressed with all our various storage pieces that we had, that had the potential to work as planters in a small urban space.

Urban Flowers gives help and advice on choosing your style and personalising your space and selecting interesting pieces to give your urban garden character and personality.

Carolyn selected an old vintage suitcase from us, which was first lined and then filled with campanula, so it spilled out, as you can see above, on the front cover of the book.

You can see Carolyn has also used old vintage stoneware pots, as planters – we love the old glaze running down the sides, giving the pots real character!

Look out for these at the many vintage fairs, flea markets and car boot sales around the country.

Vintage Stoneware Pots

We think this vintage olive picking basket, at only £45, is a perfect vessel for a small herb garden.

Originally, the small slotted holes allowed the olives to breathe during harvesting, but once planted up, they allow water to drain freely, so the plants do not get waterlogged, which is important.

Vintage Olive Basket Herb Planter

The aim of the book is to show you how it is possible to have an urban garden in the tiniest and most unlikely of places, which also helps create an urban habitat for wildlife.

There is a chapter devoted to “Evaluating Your Space” and using clever design tricks to make the most of your garden and the use of pots and containers, because for many people this is their only option, as they have no soil.

At Vintage Matters, we have a great assortment of vintage zinc planters in different shapes and sizes, perfect for the urban garden or balcony.

small oval vintage zinc planter

We also carry sets of 3 galvanised planters, which are hugely popular and again, ideal for a small urban space.

Fill with your favourite herbs or annuals to create a stunning display, especially when the pots are grouped together.

Set of 3 Galvanised Steel Planters

We think this set of 3 planters, with aged brass handles are pretty cool! Made of galvanised steel, they are weather resistant,  but will age over time which just adds to their character.

Set of 3 Garden Planters Galvanised

This colourful book, bursting with beautiful photographs by Jason Ingram, gives advice on choosing, using and combining plants for small urban spaces, as well as experimenting with colour.

It contains 14 easy projects to decorate your outdoor space throughout the year and lots of helpful hints and tips for cutting, drying and harvesting home grown plants for indoor displays and bouquets.

Don’t forget the use of props to help dress your space too, as these really help bring personality to a space, like old vintage watering cans, which are practical too, or vintage garden tools , like these hand forks below, which are an easy find at vintage fairs and can add a splash of colour too.

Vintage Garden Fork Tools

Adding a mirror to your urban garden can dramatically increase the feeling of space, whilst creating interesting reflections. We love these old windows that have been repurposed with mirrors.

vintage window mirror

Read the Evening Standard’s recent article with Carolyn – Grow Your Own – how to cultivate beautiful cut flowers in the smallest city gardens.

“Urban Flowers – Creating An Abundance In A Small City Garden” is published by Frances Lincoln and is available at a special price of only £16.95 plus postage, via the following link: