We’re back…and have lots of wonderful new pieces!

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What’s been going on?  Lots!

I can hardly believe that my last blog was on 20th March 2020, literally, just days before we went into lockdown and a year like no other!

I mentioned that Spring was in the air and we were looking forward to warmer weather and now, as I write this, I am looking out of my window at the horizontal rain…in AUGUST! What is going on in the world?!

We had our hands very full for a few months when our boxer dog, Bailey, gave birth to 8 little pups in December, which we landed up hand rearing. What an amazing and humbling experience it was, bringing life into the world!

And how insane it was for for 12 weeks! 

Here they are on New Year’s Day, not a month old.

We kept one pup, another bitch and called her Bobbin (aka Bob, just to confuse everyone!).

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What’s new?  Lots!

So a year and a half on and puppies all gone, we have hit the ground running.

The vintage markets were all closed during the pandemic, but finally opened again in April, so we have been having 5 am starts (not fun!) to be able to get in and hunt for some great pieces.

Have a browse at our eclectic new mix of furniture that we have been sourcing, like this fantastic pair of reclaimed and restored, vintage cinema seats, that we absolutely love.

We would love to hear what your favourite pieces are – click here to let us know!

Click here to view our favourite pieces

F1190 Mid Century 3 Seater Leather Sofa_8

Shop Furniture

We have over 60 new pieces of furniture online now, like this fabulous vintage Mid Century leather sofa, sourced from The Netherlands.

We rescued a couple of old church pews from a barn in Sussex, that had been neglected for years and gave them some TLC and they have come up a treat!

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F1244 Set 4 Vintage Folding Garden Chairs_5

Shop Outdoor

Now is the time to buy some vintage outdoor furniture, so you are well prepared for that balmy Summer, that is just around the corner and lots of al fresco dining and bbq’s.

We have vintage planters in various styles and an old wheelbarrow, that would look great planted up for the rest of summer.

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W1106 Hazel Nut Tree Wall Chart_6

Shop Accessories

We have a great selection of decorative, practical and functional accessories for your home or office.

Giant wall maps, creating visually stunning wall art; old decorators ladders; a collection of vintage stoneware and other weird and wonderful pieces that are sure to provoke conversation!

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What next? Lots!

We have some exciting news that we will share with you next month, regarding a collaboration with a local cafe, Louie Louie

Watch this space..!